Our Plan for Plattsburgh

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v2 - June 23rd

"Our promise: to honor our word, engage our community and the other candidates positively, and focus our conversations on the future of Plattsburgh."
The accomplishments I'm proud of as a Legislator were done as part of a team. Being able to say, "I did this" means being able to lead, build consensus, and an ability to listen and understand dissenting voices. 
Our experience, our voice, and our passion is what will win in November. These are the resources we'll use to create a future for Plattsburgh. #TeamPlattsburgh

Affordable housing in our city is needed.  However, a lower rent option shouldn't equate to having to endure a run-down living environment.  As Mayor, a priority of mine is to bring landlords and tenants together to create acceptable standards for providing quality residential and college housing.

Bring landlords & tenants together for optimal housing. 



People want to live, work, and play within 5 miles. We have a growing city center, historic district, and beautiful neighborhood parks. We are so fortunate to have gems like the Saranac River Trail and the Terry Gordon Bike Path. Planning our future can and should revolve around these resources. We can do more. 

Develop a short and long term plan for increasing walkability and livability. #PlattsburghTransportation


I've had the opportunity to develop and maintain positive working relationships with our local, regional and state leaders. As Mayor, I will work to develop positive working relationships with our North Country neighbors. 

In my experience, the best work is done when you play well with others. #WeAreFamily 


"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance."  Verna Myers

Everyone has a voice. Not everyone's opinion is the same. There are many views about topics affecting our City today; no one has the perfect solution or the solution that makes everyone happy. 

Thought it may seem insurmountable, collaboration and communication can be immersed into our culture.

#RepresentationMatters #RepresentPlattsburgh

Economic Development

If Economic Development can be someones passion, it's mine. I've been a student and leader in our regional economic development since 2013.  

We all know what makes a place attractive to live, right? Things to do, availability of resources, job opportunities, nice places to live....the list goes on.   The Downtown Revitalization Initiative was awarded to the City of Plattsburgh because we proved we were ready for growth.

Together, we can do that in a meaningful and responsible way, where all opinions are heard.  #GrowNorth