• A 2017 countywide housing count measured a 2-3% availability rate for rentals. The City of Plattsburgh's count came in around 2%. According to NYS Department of Homes and Community Renewal, this is considered a "Housing Crisis".

  • We have a number of zombie, vacant, and derelict buildings that can be converted to low-income and affordable housing.

  • A disproportionate number of low-income renters and ALICE households are being pushed further and further from our job center due to higher rents and higher income earning renters.

  • Our plan is based on our experience in economic development and dealing with local and regional housing issues.

What is a Housing Crisis?

According to NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal, a rental vacancy rate of less than 5% constitutes a housing crisis - or a housing emergency. In 2017, a countywide count of available rental housing was performed and it clearly indicated the amount of available rental housing was within the 2-3% availability rate. Within the City of Plattsburgh, that number was as low as 2%.

The overall lack of available housing coupled with the number of zombie, vacant, and derelict housing causes several short and long term issues for our community:

  • Lack of emergency housing for low-income renters or renters who need short-term housing

  • Public safety hazard for dilapidated houses that are broken into and damaged

  • Reduction of property values in immediate and surrounding neighborhoods

  • Lack of housing stifles job and community growth

Addressing our housing needs requires thought, planning, and partnerships. We have a plan for this.

Our Plan

Access to readily available quality housing is a fundamental human right, our community leaders need to have a clear plan that addresses this immediate and ongoing need. Sixty percent of our community members rent and 7% require some sort of public assistance or voucher to afford housing. One of the primary requirements for large scale business growth is housing availability.  These arguments alone require a clearly outlined plan for how our community can ensure housing at all levels of income.

  • Enter into the County Landbank to help secure and develop available properties.
    As a key member of the Clinton County Landback committee, I've helped design and shape the bylaws that will support the City of Plattsburgh to convert unused, derelict, and zombie properties into available housing and taxable properties.

  • Work hand-in-hand with local developers.
    We have a wide and strong network of local developers who we can partner with to develop mid-upper/market rate income housing. This will satisfy a market demand that does exist and that business and large scale industry requires for growth and business expansion. Our city has land and incentives that can be leveraged to support our local developers and investors.

  • Partner with Plattsburgh Community Housing and other housing agencies and authorities.
    As we've seen in recent history, Plattsburgh Community Housing has great success in identifying derelict and dilapidated properties, refurbishing them, and finding low to moderate income level renters. Building partnerships like these is a path forward to ensure the burden of development is shared between many of our strong and dedicated community partners.